Perkins Bunbury Office Opening

Perkins Head Office Official Opening

November 18, 2014

On Wednesday 29th October, Perkins held the Grand Opening for our new Office Building; a beautiful evening with perfect weather was enjoyed by subcontractors, business associates and staff.

The Head Office project began construction in January 2011 after three years in the planning and approval stage. It took three years to construct as priority was always given to the projects of our clients. The exceptional quality and attention to detail throughout the building is the result of all the raw ingredients being meticulously brought together.



A special thanks was given to Gary Holland from HMA Architects (pictured above with Shane Krikkie of Bunbury Toyota and Clem Mitchell, also of HMA Architects) for his work and assistance on the design of the building. Gary ensured the collective knowledge of all was encorporated to ensure the best result in providing an asthetically pleasing, efficient work place.



From the outset, the primary objective was to provide the best possible working environment for out staff with modern design and first class facilities.



Perkins employee Peter Leaman was recognised for his outstanding work and craftsmanship on the timber and composite features.



Perkins employee Keith Harris was recognised for his outstanding work and craftsmanship on the timber and composite features.





Many of the subcontractors involved in the project attended; their contribution to a first class result was recognised.



Perkins Construction Manager Steve Larsson and Dan Perkins.



A special thank you was given to Bunbury’s Mayor Gary Brennan and MLA John Castrilli, picture here with Dan Perkins.



Recognition was given to Perkins co-founder Neville Perkins, featured here with his wife Marg and son, Perkins Managing Director Dan.



Strategic Development Manager Darryl Lathwell also addressed the audience.



Neville Perkins with former Perkin’s employee Maureen Gasic, Executive Personal Assistant Jaydeen Connor and Dan Perkins.



Entertainment was provided by the talented Perkins Accounts Officer, Naomi Dixon.