From major civil constructions to smaller local works, Perkins has the experience and the workforce to bring projects to a successful conclusion. Our extensive company-owned resource base and secure financial backing ensure that even the largest projects are comfortably accommodated.

Woolworths Meatworks

A major expansion to Woolworths existing meat works which remained operational throughout the project.

Worsley Alumina Expansion and Growth

Civil and concrete works associated with Worsley Alumina’s E&G project. The works required close liaison with the EPCM head contractor and other contractors involved in this $300m expansion of the refinery.

Worsley Alumina Fuel Concrete Bunds

This project entailed the construction of new bunding to the refinery’s existing large capacity diesel fuel tanks.

National Broadband Network Remote Satellite Earth Stations

The satellite ground station gateway project will form a key part of NBN’s Long Term Satellite Service, designed to bring broadband at speed of up to 12 megabites per second to homes, farms and businesses in outback and remote parts of Australia.

Bunge Crown B Concrete

A New $40m Bulk Grain Export facility in the Bunbury Port, the capacity to store 50,000tonnes of grain.