BP Baldivis Twin Travel Centres


Kwinana Freeway, Baldivis


BP Australia

Completion Date

November 2015

BP Australia awarded Perkins Builders a Design & Construct Contract in December 2015, for the new development of a Northbound and Southbound Travel Centres located in Baldivis, Perth WA.

The new development was the first for Western Australia, being Twin Travel Centres, based on similar developments established up the East coast of Australia.

The design Brief was based on providing a control Building accommodating a BP “C” Store and Wild Bean Café, of which BP operate and manage internally. Incorporated within this Building, was the provision for both McDonalds and Red Rooster with an open plan food court, seating 150 customers. The brief was also specific in providing a separate Truckers Lounge & Amenities, being a major component of their operations. Public amenities are also provided within the overall floor plan.

Externally, the Twin Travel Centres were constructed over an 80,000m2 of land including Car & Truck Fuel Canopies, with each site contained a Fuel farm for storage of 450,000 litres per site, being one of the largest in WA, to accommodate Road Trains, Coaches, Caravans and the general public.

Each site is forecast to supply the fuels retail market over 40 million litres per year, attracting 9,500 customers per day.

The project including both sites, was completed with 12 months, and officially opened simultaneously to the Public on the 9th December 2015, including Freeway Access Ramps.