Bunbury Cathedral Precinct


Brend-Tor Street, Bunbury WA


Roman Catholic Arch Bishop of Bunbury


Marcus Collins Architects



Completion Date

March 2011

The new cathedral strikes an imposing figure high on the hill overlooking the centre of Bunbury. The scale and significance of the construction is impressive and unlike most projects that a builder has the opportunity to work on in this day and age.  This has been reflected in the planning, care and buy brand propecia attention to detail that is clearly evident in the quality of finish of this building.

The completion of the Presbytery restoration and addition of the New Parish, the Client has achieved a modern office complex maintaining the history and complying with all relevant statutory codes applicable today.






This project was awarded theBest Commercial/Industrial Construction Award in the 2011 National Excellence in Construction Award and the Best Historic Restoration or Renovation in the 2011 Excellence in Construction Awards.