Irene McCormack Catholic College


Bradman Drive, Butler


Irene McCormack Catholic College


Parry & Rosenthal Architects

Completion Date

May 2016

The Irene McCormack Catholic College Gymnasium and Teaching Wing is located to the South East of the site where it has good access to playing fields, service road and parking.  A new pedestrian link connects directly through to the precinct.

The gymnasium is a double court, 9m high hall with existing single storey changing facilities and a new double storey teaching wing.

The gymnasium has been thoughtfully designed to take advantage of the light and elevated views as well as capture the cross ventilation.  The courts are located so that the playing area is lit from the side with backboards set off against solid walls.  Stores are included as well as an outdoor service yard.

The Teaching Wing will be built to take advantage of the views over the outdoor playing fields and the indoor courts.  The double storey design reduces the building footprint to maximise the outdoor playing areas and allow good natural light, views and ventilation.

A selection of durable, low maintenance materials will be used to match into the existing building.